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Dr. Steven Wolfson, DDS, of the Tanglewood Center for Aesthetic Dentistry provides the smile you always wanted. With 20 years of experience in word-class dentistry and with his team of professionals, he delivers the best dental care in Texas. He is among 5% of dentists who possess the FAGD fellowship status and has been recognized as Top dentists in Texas by HTexas magazine. He utilizes smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and bridges, cosmetic bonding and sedation dentistry to put a beautiful smile on your face. In Tanglewood Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, you can experience more comfortable and professional atmosphere with excellent dental care.To schedule an appointment call 713 789 1225 or visit http://www.tanglewoodsmiles.com.

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When teeth are damaged or otherwise need to be removed, it can leave a physical and emotional void in an individual. Missing teeth are associated with illness, social status, and your potential future as a professional. For the personal, medical, and social implications that missing teeth can communicate, it’s extremely vital to replace teeth whenever possible. In the past, this meant waiting until further tooth loss and then relying on dentures, or using partial plates which could become dislodged.

At the Tanglewood Smiles houston TX, Dr. Steven Wolfson and his staff provide a better choice for their patients through the use of cosmetic dental implants in houston. Often considered to be the best solution for tooth loss, dental implants houston use biocomplatible materials like titanium that can fuse naturally into the jawbone, and create natural, functional looking teeth that can replace those that are missing and restore both your smile and your confidence.

Cosmetic implants use a similar structure to your natural teeth. There are three components to each implant, which are:A titanium implant, which fuses to the jawbone and acts as a replacement root.An abutment, which creates a structure that exists above the gum line.A crown, which is a cap that is fabricated and shaped to look like a natural tooth.

The key difference with a tooth implant, as opposed to a dental bridge, lies with the process of osseointegration, or the aforementioned fusion of the implant with the bone of your jaw. While a bridge can offer a visual, and even functional, replacement of a missing tooth, it doesn’t address the potential for bone loss that can occur when a section of your jaw doesn’t get the natural feedback from a tooth’s rooted structure. In addition, a bridge won’t be as strong and secure as an implant.

During your first visit to the Tanglewood Center, Dr.wolfson will provide an examination that will include digitial and x-ray imaging to assess your dental health and potential candidacy for the implant procedure. If you qualify, he will provide consultation on what to expect with the procedure, as well as begin with preparations for surgical placement of the titanium implant. Once it has been placed, a temporary crown will be provided while you take three to four months to recover fully. After healing has been completed, a permanent crown will then be affixed to the implant.

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Wolfson’s in-house technical staff, both the temporary and the permanent crown will look and feel like your own, natural teeth. They can be used to eat, drink, and talk just as your natural teeth allow. Follow up care and examinations for both the temporary and permanent crowns will ensure that they are the best fit and feel, and that the results are exactly what you want as a patient.

While the above mentioned components are employed most often with single tooth replacements, there are actually several different tooth implant options that are available through the Tanglewood Center Houston TX. These include:

Single tooth implants, which are placed when a patient has an adequate bone structure to support them.Multiple teeth implants, which utilize several single tooth implants in a coordinated treatment procedure that will assure the best results in terms of healing and recovery time.

The “All on Four” Implant, which is considered a superior alternative to dentures. By placing key implants within the arch of the mouth, Dr. Wolfson can replace an entire top or bottom row of teeth with supportive anchors that will ensure comfort, functionality, and long term viability at a price that will be affordable as compared to the cost of individual implants to achieve the same effect.

Every patient, and their needs, are different, which is why you should schedule an appointment for an examination and consultation with Dr. Wolfson so that you can learn more about your options. All dental implant procedures are performed with comforting sedation and pain management as well, which translates into incredibly low amounts of stress before, during, and after the procedure has been performed.


Dr. Steven Wolfson has created a practice that is recognized for world-class dentistry through his personalized care. He offers his patients the latest, most up-to-date technology in aesthetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry. As a graduate of The University of Texas Dental Branch, an attendee of The Pankey Institute, The Las Vegas Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry and The Baylor College of Dentistry Aesthetic Continuums, as well as more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Wolfson has the training and experience to provide his patients with peace of mind that they are receiving the best service available.

Dr. Wolfson has been recognized as one of Houston’s “Top Dentists” and “Top Doctors” by HTexas magazine and remains the Official Dentist for The Miss Houston and Miss Teen Houston pageants. He is also one of only 5% of dentists who has obtained his FAGD fellowship status. Because of his reputation, Dr. Wolfson was chosen to be the aesthetic dentist for an extreme makeover as seen on the TLC channel’s “A Makeover Story”.

Cosmetic Dentistry can change your life! Imagine being able to smile with confidence, knowing that your smile looks as well as feels healthy and beautiful. At The Tanglewood Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, every dental procedure is performed by the expert hands of Dr. Steven Wolfson and his highly trained staff. These “before & after” photos are taken from real patients and give you an idea of the procedures Dr. Wolfson specializes in.

At the Tanglewood Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Steven Wolfson and his staff can work to provide you with some of the most cutting edge cosmetic procedures through plans that are designed to fit your unique dental profile.

Dr. Wolfson looks at every aspect of your current smile and facial profile, and provides personalized solutions that include the services of his own in-house master ceramist, along with other highly qualified staff that all work in unison to provide you with the most beautiful smile possible. More than just purely cosmetic work, Dr. Wolfson’s Smile Makeover process can address many issues that you may have with your teeth, including improvements to your overall oral health.

If you’ve ever been unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, or embarasssed by their current condition, then you may be a top candidate for Dr. Wolfson’s Smile Makeover process. It begins with an examination of your teeth, which includes dental imaging, molds, and expert advice from the specialists that are on-staff. From there, Dr. Wolfson can work with you to create a personalized plan on how to correct many of the problems that you’re currently experiencing.

Entertainers, models, and television personalities.Dr. Wolfson’s experience in working with pageant models and other public figures is no coincidence; audiences, judges, and viewers respond with greater positivity when a person has straight, white teeth. Poor dental appearances may be holding you back, but with Dr. Wolfson’s Smile Makeover process, that doesn’t need to be the case any longer.

Career professionals.Making a first impression is key when it comes to forming strong connections, winning over co-workers and employers, and generally establishing your place in a professional environment. Many professionals rely on the proper clothes, the right posture, and the importance of hygiene. Your dental health and appearance are no different. With Dr. Wolfson’s Smile Makeover, you can turn an embarrassing smile into one that communicates the confidence that you need to get ahead.

Teenagers and adults who are conscious about the look of their teeth.The look of your teeth also have a dramatic impact on how you feel in social settings. While it’s important to be your very best mentally, it’s also important to correct any problems that may cause you to hide your smile or to not speak clearly. Having misaligned or discolored teeth may be on such cause. With the Smile Makeover, Dr. Wolfson can provide you with a winning smile that will improve the quality of your social experiences, and even give you more confidence in your romantic life.

Anyone who wants to change the quality of their dental appearance.From the social improvements that a better smile can bring, to the professional qualities that we associate with healthy teeth, there are a wide host of reasons why and where great looking teeth will make for a better experience overall.

Long term conditions, disease, or physical injury that has never been addressed can all lead to further problems with your oral health. From discolored teeth, to unpleasant breath, it’s important to address these concerns on many different levels. The Smile Makeover process is a multi-step approach to correcting issues with your oral health which can lead to an overall improvement in how your teeth both look and feel.

The toll that aging takes on your teeth.Young teeth are vital, attractive, and strong, but as we grow older, our teeth are put through a great deal of stress. The Smile Makeover process can help to restore many of the youthful qualities of your teeth effectively, and at prices that can be very affordable for patients of any age.

Crooked or broken teeth.Whether through injury or disease, teeth that are crooked or broken can hurt your confidence and your ability to socialize with others. They can also cause pain and discomfort during every day activities like eating and speaking. Dr. Wolfson’s Smile Makeover procedure can address these concerns, and improve your overall oral health as a result.

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