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Virginia Maddock.I started studying Herbal Medicine in 1998, which ignited my passion for natural health and led me on a long journey of healing, self-discovery and thirst for more knowledge.I furthered my education with more studies in Advanced Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Nutrition at Australasian College of Natural Therapies; and eventually Reiki, which I studied in India.

I started private practice at Birthing Rites Australia in Bondi Junction (2005 – 2008), with some of the many pregnant women who came there for pre-natal classes. It was there that I discovered what a doula was and I knew immediately that I wanted to have the privilege of helping women and couples bring new life into the world.

So, in 2006, I embarked on the doula training course at Birthing Rites, which is the longest course available in Australia at one year long and encompasses over 200 hours of face-to-face training.With such legendary teachers as Marie Burrows (doula, childbirth educator and counsellor with over 30 years experience in birth) and Sandra Robinson (co-author of the book “Birth.

Conceiving, Nurturing and Giving Birth To Your Baby”), I was given not only a great education in birth, but also a thorough guidance in my own self development. This helped me to better understand my own mind, my tendencies and my own birth experience to better benefit those who need my support in such an important yet vulnerable time in their lives.

I have had valuable mentors such as midwives and counsellors, and have attended 9 series of childbirth education classes to educate me on all aspects of birth (including one for myself with my first pregnancy). I continue to keep updated with information from reading books and attending homebirth and doula conferences. I also continue to learn from those who allow me to be a part of their birth, which is always individual, continually challenges my expectations and is such an amazing experience to be a part of.

I have a passion for natural fertility, pregnancy health and well-supported natural birth so that couples can benefit from a continuity of care from the preconception period, throughout pregnancy and the birth of their child, through to primary care of their family’s health (or any part thereof). “Virginia has been treating me for various health concerns over the last year. She has always been quick to offer support, advice and empathy – she is obviously extremely passionate about her practice and her professionalism and service prove this. I highly recommend Virginia Maddock to anyone requiring sensitivity and pro-active assistance with health related issues.” ~Arielle Nakache-Moulay.

My husband Dan and I completed our first preconception health programme and I fell pregnant on our 2nd attempt in 2008. I enjoyed a very healthy pregnancy and gave birth to my son Jetsun Bodhi at home on February 8th 2009.We completed our 2nd preconception health programme in the Summer of 2009/10 and I fell pregnant on our very first try! I gave birth to my second son at home on September 28th 2011. Keanu Jarrah joins his big brother in perfect health, both free from the ‘Nail Patella Syndrome’ genetic disorder which I carry that has a 50% chance of passing on – another testament to the preventative health benefits that preconception care can bring.

Jetsun and Keanu continue to inspire me to help other couples enjoy the same benefits that a good health programme has given to our family. Neither have ever needed to see a doctor!I am an active volunteer with Homebirth Access Sydney, having just given up the Managing Editor role after over 2 years and 9 issues for ‘Birthings’ magazine. I am currently serving as Coordinator and E-Newsletter Editor.

I am also the Beer & Bubs facilitator for the Sutherland Shire, held at Miranda RSL Club in Caringbah, as well as in Pyrmont at the Harlequin Inn. Beer and Bubs is a one-night workshop at the pub where dads can learn how to support their partner through the birth of their baby. Please go to the website to book.In October 2012, I undertook placenta encapsulation training and am now offering this valuable service to new mothers. Please see the Placenta Services page to find out how consuming your placenta in capsules or a tincture can help in the postnatal period and beyond.

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sometimes the best intentions and plans for birthing your baby can go out the window when the baby has a different idea on how and when it decides to be born, or if the hospital staff are not gentle and respectful of your wishes during the sensitivity and vulnerability of your labour and birth.

When what is supposed to be the most joyful day in your life is instead a negative experience, it can leave women feeling in shock, disempowered, violated and traumatised which can often lead to post natal depression (10-16%) and post-traumatic stress disorder (1.5-9%) which can affect mothering in a negative way. This is compounded when the majority of comments after the birth are usually “Well at least you had a healthy baby!”, which completely dismisses your feelings. People can forget that your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is equally important as the baby’s.

One way to help heal from a difficult birth is to connect with those feelings, to release all your pent up grief and tears while feeling heard and validated, and then be given the chance to reconnect with your baby in the calm, nurtured and supported environment in which you envisioned birthing your baby whilst pregnant, with a caring and non-judgemental, professional birth support as your guide. This can be done postnatally, whenever you feel ready, or during a subsequent pregnancy to prepare yourself so that those fears do not cause emotional and physical blockages during your next birth.

Birth means a big change, for the mother’s body, for the baby and for the family unit itself. Making sure the whole family is in good health can help you all cope better with the changes after your baby is born.

Good health practices during the postnatal period decreases the chance of postnatal depression, creates a more positive outlook for the mother, encourages bonding, makes breastfeeding more successful for both mother and baby and helps the mother’s body to work more efficiently to get back to its pre-conception state.

Young babies can be affected by colic, nappy rash and eczema which can be improved with diet and natural therapies. Often addressing the diet of the mother can help with these conditions which can be caused by allergens entering the breast milk and affecting the baby.

Some supplements can still be given, even when they haven’t started solid foods yet. e.g. probiotics specific for the infant’s digestive system can help their digestion and improve their immunity and allergies, especially in babies born by caesarean section, as well as boost production of vitamin K in parents who choose not to give this to their child after birth.

lacentophagy (from ‘placenta’ + ‘phagy’ = to eat) is the act of mammals eating the placenta of their young after childbirth. Most placental mammals participate in placentophagy, including herbivores and primates. Fortunately you don’t have to eat the placenta like a piece of meat to obtain all the benefits that ingesting it can bring. The experts at Natural Beginnings can prepare your placenta, dry it, grind it up and encapsulate it so that all you need to do is simply pop a few pills!

The placenta contains high levels of prostaglandins which stimulate involution (the shrinking or returning to former size) of the uterus. The placenta also contains oxytocin which eases birth stress and causes the smooth muscles around the mammary cells to contract and eject milk.
Natural Beginnings is a complete natural health and birth service which supports families from preconception, through pregnancy, birth, post natally, and as your family grows.

This encompasses the healing power of herbal medicines, dietary advice, nutritional supplementation and flower essences to overcome health and emotional imbalances that stand in the way of radiant health; and a doula service to be by your side during the birthing process so you feel completely supported for planning a natural birth. We also offer placenta encapsulation for post partum wellness, ready-made herbal medicine blends for acute health conditions, and herbal skin creams and balms for skin and muscular conditions.


Natural Fertility & Pre-Conception Health,Moment of Conception It is a sad fact that people spend much more time and money planning their wedding, and buying a house or car, than they do in planning to make a new human being that will be their child for a lifetime. But really, what is more important ?Healthy babies depend on two healthy parents prior to conception taking place. Most foetal abnormalities occur early on during development, so it is imperative that you are in good health well beforehand.

This can be achieved if both partners take charge of their health and allow a minimum of 4 months to prepare for a “conscious conception”. This is because the sperm takes 116 days to develop, mature, be stored and ejaculated, while the egg is vulnerable to damage for 100 days before ovulation. The closer both partners follow the programme, the higher the chances that you will have a successful outcome.

After over a year off the pill and having irregular periods, Virginia helped me to get a more regular cycle through a combination of nutritional counselling, herbs and vitamins. Shortly after initiating her pre-conception programme, we were able to conceive and the pregnancy has been straightforward. Virginia understands a range of fertility matters and has encouraged me to make more educated choices about my lifestyle. Her continuing support and advice helped me focus on my pregnancy and I feel healthy and fit. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Virginia to other couples who are considering conception.” Mrs F. E.

An initial consultation will explore in detail your medical and fertility history, and you may be required to undergo some tests to see exactly what we are dealing with. e.g. hair mineral analysis to screen for trace element, mineral and heavy metal status; semen analysis; zinc tally; and blood tests to measure nutrients, hormones, thyroids and markers for susceptibility to miscarriage.
Like most women, you probably already know what a baby shower is, and chances are you have either attended one or had one planned for you in the weeks leading up to an impending birth. However, there is a beautiful pre-birth tradition which is becoming more popular as word spreads: a blessingway – which is also known as a Mother Blessing.

A blessingway is an old Navajo (native American) ceremony, which celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. A westernised version of this is the ‘Mother Blessing’ which is the term I will use out of respect of the Navajo tradition, especially having read that the Navajo people don’t approve of the name being used this way (I have used it in the title as it is more widely known as a blessingway). Unlike a traditional baby shower, where gifts are purchased for the baby, a Mother Blessing is all about nurturing the mother-to-be and celebrating motherhood.

As with most special events in modern society, baby showers have become very commercialised. If you were to ask someone to describe what happens at a baby shower, the answer would probably be something like, ‘where women get together and give gifts for the baby’. There is also so much focus on the new arrival and excitement of meeting the baby, and very little focusing on and nurturing the mother – ‘filling her cup’ – so it overflows with love. A woman who is given lots of love has more love to give in return – and there is nothing like a circle of loving women to get that oxytocin (hormone of love) flowing!

A Mother Blessing is a beautiful and unique way to honour the mother, spend time with her, share stories, debrief fears and to instill confidence and strength.What Happens at a Mother Blessing,A Mother Blessing involves a gathering of the mother-to-be’s most trusted friends and family, who sit in the power of a circle and share amongst one another. Traditionally it is a woman-only gathering and may include her mother, sisters, aunts, daughters, best of friends, mentors – anyone she respects, looks up to or values. It helps the woman to prepare herself for the birth, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, for the all important role of a new mother.

She feels ‘held’ and supported by those she loves and respects – a great way to help her release any blockages she may be feeling and to allow her to embrace what’s to come. Hearing other women’s birth stories as you share around the circle can be surprising, exciting and heartwarming to hear. A Mother Blessing can be very affirming, empowering and uplifting.

It doesn’t matter what religion (if any) the mother is – a Mother Blessing honours all belief systems.The guests can bring a plate of food to share (to follow in the theme of sharing), although you may like to provide all the food yourself if you are planning one – but don’t forget to include it on the invite if you wish for them to bring a plate to share.

Mother Blessings will vary in proceedings and rituals, there is no set order or agenda, so you can choose what you would like to do.For my own Blessingway, I had each guest bring a vegetarian dish, 2 beads – 1 for myself and 1 for my baby, to contribute to a blessingway necklace to be worn or hung around the neck during labour. I also had each woman bring me a 8? x 8? piece of funky fabric to make a bunting, or flags to be hung above the birth space and/or above the baby’s sleeping space after birth, to remind me of all my friend’s blessings and welll wishes.

During the cermony I was pampered with a herbal foot soak while I had my belly painted with henna and during this time each friend bought me their beads and a blessing to wish me a good birth and to wish the baby a safe arrival.After the cermony my flags were sewn together to make the bunting which 18 months on, still hangs to this day!

If you would like me to conduct a Blessingway ceremony for you, please get in touch and I can help make this journey to parenthood an extra special occasion that is suited to your individual tastes.Giving birth can be physically demanding, emotionally draining and fraught with fear. But did you know that hiring an experienced birth support person (or ‘doula’), can help your birthing experience be one of transformation and empowerment.

Research shows that having a doula can:Halve your chances of caesarean, forceps or vacuum extraction.Shorten labour by reducing stress, pain and anxiety.Significantly reduce the need for pain medication relief.Increase relationship satisfaction with your partner and your baby.

A doula is someone you come to know well by the time of your birth, and who is there during your labour, by your side, focused solely on you and your partner. She can encourage you, remain objective, and help your partner feel more confident about how to support you.

She can also assist you with practical knowledge on measures to relieve discomfort and encourage relaxation during labour, such as positioning, use of water, massage and aromatherapy.A doula can provide information when you have questions, and can help you communicate more effectively with your medical caregivers and supports you in making choices that are right for you.

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