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Peter Field MA BCH MBACP FRSH is one of the leading hypnotherapists working in the UK today. He is the author of the international best-selling book on hypnotherapy, The Chi of Change.Having spent much of his professional life abroad and gaining experience and expertise in the Far East and North America, Peter returned to the UK ten years ago and quickly established himself in the field of hypno-psychotherapy. With more than 30 years of international hypnosis experience, he is an acknowledged Master in the healing art of hypno-psychotherapy.

Known as 'The Therapists' Therapist'™, Peter's clients are drawn from all over the UK as well as overseas and include psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and other hypnotherapists, as well as celebrities from the world of entertainment and sport.In addition to his busy hypno-psychotherapy practice in London and Birmingham, Peter is an author, lecturer, broadcaster, regular BBC contributor, Huffington Post and PsychCentral writer, and internationally recognised writer on psychotherapy, hypnosis and health. His expertise has been featured in The Times and other prestigious journals; he has appeared on TV and radio, and his knowledgeable articles are currently published internationally on more than 200 different websites.

Peter is a designated Senior Practitioner with the UK Hypnotherapy Standard's Council, and a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA), and delivers advanced hypnotherapy training to therapists internationally. The NGH is the largest and oldest professional hypnosis organisation in the world.

Unlike the medical model, Peter sees the people whom he helps not as patients but as clients, normal human beings who are neither sick nor diseased, but simply people experiencing difficulty in living, whether this is anxiety or depression, overeating or addiction, fears or phobias, or any other issue of a psychological or emotional nature.

Peter is the originator of CHI-HypnoTherapy™, an integrated therapy designed to bring about rapid resolution of persistent psychological problems and difficulties while encouraging personal growth. CHI-HypnoTherapy™ was created by Peter as a result of thousands of hours of clinical experience and research. It is a system that has been refined over many years of expert practice, both here and abroad.Peter first studied hypnosis in India, more than 30 years ago. Over the years he has trained internationally with some of the world's foremost authorities in the hypno-psychotherapeutic field, including:

Gil Boyne (true legend in the field of hypno-psychotherapy and one of the original founding fathers of hypnotherapy); Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and teacher of Paul McKenna); Gerry Kein (one of America's leading clinical hypnotherapy practitioners and teachers); Cal Banyan (originator of 5 PATH® Hypnotherapy); Ron Eslinger (widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading authorities on pain control through hypnosis), and Dr Gordon Emmerson, Victoria University, Melbourne (author of the seminal work Ego State Therapy and world acclaimed authority on EST).

In the UK, Peter studied with the National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy. He holds a Master's Degree from the State University of New York, Diploma in Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. He is a USA Certified Pain Control Specialist, and is certified in nutrition by the T. Colin Campell Foundation in partnership with Cornell University.

Peter is UKCHO Registered (UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations) and is listed in The NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners (NHS Provider Code: 8HE15), the UK Directory of Counselling & Psychotherapy, and the European Directory of Psychotherapists.As a Member of BACP he is bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, the Ethical Guidelines for Researching Counselling and Psychotherapy (where practitioners undertake research) and subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure for the time being in force.

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CHI-HypnoTherapy™ is a unique form of hypno-psychotherapy that works systematically with the person's subconscious mind, helping it to reprocess experience and bring about change on a profound level.

It is the distillation and integration of a variety of therapeutic approaches that have proven highly effective in resolving difficult emotional and mental issues and advancing inner stability while encouraging personal growth.For many years Peter lived, studied and worked in the Far East, in China, Japan and Korea. The concept of 'Chi' is an ancient one, and can be translated as 'life-force' or 'life energy'. CHI-HypnoTherapy™ works with the person's subconscious mind, reprogramming, reprocessing limiting beliefs, and restoring the smooth-flowing energy or chi. The result is improved emotional and mental balance and inner harmony.

CHI-HypnoTherapy™ was created by Peter as a result of thousands of hours of clinical experience and research. It is a system that has been refined over many years of expert practice, both here and abroad.CHI-HypnoTherapy™ is designed specifically to release trauma, resolve anxiety, fears and phobias, and to end habits and addictions. It can help anyone to live their life in a freer, more joyful manner.

CHI-HypnoTherapy™ is an integrated approach to emotional and mental well-being. This unique systematic approach combines advanced hypno-psychotherapeutic strategies such as regression therapy, Gestalt, and Ego State Therapy, with extremely safe light-and-sound brain-wave modulation, and advanced nutritional research.

chi-hypnotherapy,CHI-HypnoTherapy™ works on the premise that there is no real seperation between body and mind. Each influences the other and each is inextricably interconnected. CHI-HypnoTherapy™ is designed to take this fully into account, working holistically with all aspects of the person in order to bring about permenant, positive change.

Concise—CHI-HypnoTherapy™ directly targets the origin of the problem. It is an intensive yet brief therapy and so does not require months or years to complete,Humanistic—Recognising that we have choices and that our behaviour is connected to our inner feelings, CHI-HypnoTherapy™ is a psychological approach that empahizes the whole person.

Integrative—A combined systematic approach to resolving emotional difficulties and integrating the personality, CHI-HypnoTherapy™ draws on a range of strategies and advanced therapeutic principles,chi-hypnotherapy,Because CHI-HypnoTherapy™ works on a profound, subconscious level, there is usually no need for 'top up' sessions. Once the issue is cleared then it is gone for good. Using advanced CHI-HypnoTherapy™, most issues can be resolved and cleared in as little as 2 to 6 sessions.

If you have tried alternative kinds of therapy or other forms of hypnotherapy and your problem still persists then CHI-HypnoTherapy™ may be just what you need to bring rapid and permanent resolution to your difficulty.

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