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An unique career of Kimura-sensei !Duringworking at a company(men's cosmetic company that makes Old Spice shaving procducts), actually I was one of those hard-working salarymen you would see rushing down Tokyo streets or view on TV dramas.However, I felt I could be of more help to others with my hands than by working in an office.

Finally I decided to go to the Nippon Shiatsu Senmon Gakko which was founded by the famous shiatsu teacher Namikoshi, and quitted the company.At the school, I was taught the Namikoshi style for two years professional course.After graduation and licensing, however, I followed one of my other teachers, Masunaga-sensei, who founded his own shiatsu center and became a great shiatsu master.Iworked with Masunaga-sensei for about five years at the Iokai Shiatsu Center. Since Masunaga-sensei passed away, I made Kimura Shiatsu Institute and started to give shiatsu courses and treatments, especially to the non-Japanese people.

During these twenty years, I was given some chances such as treating the Swedish Queen, Ms.Liza Minnelli (actress and singer) and Dr. Henry Kissinger (former Secretary of the State),etc.I hope that in the process of learning shiatsu and receiving the treatment, you can experience bodily purification and move from the material to the spiritual.

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In western medicine the concept of meridian lines has not been proven scientifically. Meiridan lines are defined as channels of living magnetic erergy in the body.Some times these channels can be associated with the functioning of the internal organs. Long before modern medicine acknowledged the relationship that exists between teh skin and internal organs.The Orient developed a system of treating disease by stimulating points on the skin that were connected to the functioning of the internal organs. These points were connected by an imaginary line to form meridian lines and were used mainly in acupuncture and moxibustion.

Mr. Masunaga found out twelve meridian lines in the arms and legs that pass through the back, hara, neck and head. Treating these meridians have produced more effective results.The twelve meridians are named after six "Zo" and six "Fu" organs. However, the relation between the organ and meridian exists in the functioning of the organ rather than the organ itself.Under healthy conditions, the energy flows freely through these meridians in a balanced state. When abnormal functionig of the internal organs or abnormal external stimulation occures, energy stagnates in the meridians producing sickness.

Therefore, in order to cure the disease, the energy must be released and mormalized You can work on the entire meridian evenly or concentrate on specific points on the meridian. In either case, the flow of energy will be mormalized.Intake of Ki energy which is fundamental in life from the air for use by the human body and to build up resistance against external intrusions. Elimination of gases not needed through the process of exhalation.

Large Intestine Meridian,Helps the function of the lung. Secretes and excretes from inside and outside of the body. Eliminates the stagnation of Ki energy.Spleen Meridian
Digestion and process of fermentation. Spleen is considered to be teh pancreas in modern terms and governs general digestion including saliva, gastric bile; secretions from the small intestine; reproductive hormones related to the breast and ovaries. Mental fatigue adversely affects the spleen and lack of exercise causes malfunctioning digestion and hormone secretion.

Stomack Meridian,Related to functioning of stomach, exophagus, duodenum, as well as functioning of reproductive, lactation, ovary, and appetite mechanism. Also related to menstrual cycle.Heart Meridian,Represente compassion and theerfore governs emotions and spirits as well as blood circulation and total body via the brain and five senses. Also funtions as the mechanism that adapts external stimulation to the body's internal environment.

Small Intestine Meridian,Through displacement and digestion of food, small intestine governs total body. Mental anxiety, emotional excitement, nervous shock and anger can affect blood circulation and small intestine causes blodd stagnation which affects the entire body.Kidney Meridian,Controlling spirit and energy to the body and governing resestance against mental stress via control of internal hormone seretions, detxifies and purifies blood preventing acidosis. Right side between second and third lumbar vertebrae manufacures cortisone. Left side between second and third lumbar vertebrae produce urine by purifying the blood.

Bladder Meridian,Related to mid-bbrain which cooperates with the kidney hormone system and pituitary gland. Aoso connected to autonomic nervous system that is related to reproductive and urinary organs. At the same time it eliminates the final product of body liquid purification-urine.Heart Constrictor Meridian,Supplemental function of the heart related to circulatory system including heart sac, cardiac artery ; system of arteries and veins. Also controls total nutrition as well as circulation.

Triple Heater Meridian,Supplemental function of the small intestine. Also controls spirit and vesceral organs circulating energy to entire body. Protects function of lymphatic system. Upper heat related to chest, middle heat to solar plexus, heat above the navel and below related to peritoneum and intestinal peritoneum as well as circulation to the extremities.

Liver Meridian,Stores nutrients and energy for physical activity. Also cultivates resistance against disease and supplies, analyzes, and detoxifies blodd to maintain physical energy.Ball Bladder Meridian,Distributes nutrients and balances total energy through the aid of internal hormones and secretion such as bile, saliva, gastric acid, insulin, and intestinal hormones.


Shiatsu could get rid of the physical, the mental and the spiritual problems !Kimura-sensei is giving Shiatsu treatment.Shiatsu is a wonderful healing art of Japan and the most fundamental way of treatment that is very useful to get rid of not only the physical but also the mental and the spiritual problems. Also, Shiatsu is getting popular not only as an useful alternative medicine but also as the terminal care.

Seven effects of Shiatsu Invigorating the skin:Shiatsu, which is applied directly to the skin, improves metabolism buy invigorating the capillary action in the blood vessels. It stimulates the transportation of nourishment to the skin, increases the skin's powers of resistance, and by promoting general well being preserves youthfulness.Stimulating the circulation of the body fluids:Shiatsu helps maintain regularity and smoothness in the blood circulation and prevents stagnation and congestion in the system.

Promoting suppleness in the muscular tissues:Applications of shiatsu pressure relieve the stiffness and help the muscles to return to normal condition by stimulating the circulation of blooded and lymph and the proper functioning of the capillaries in nourishing cells and removing wastes.Correcting faults in the skeletal system:With proper shiatsu treatment can correct skeletal irregularities. Applies to children can ensure correct bone development and help ward off illnesses involving the bone tissue.

Promoting harmonious functioning of the nervous system:Shiatsu treatment can prevent nervous irregularities, especially in the vogues nerve, and can contribute to the smooth transmission of nervous impulses.Regulating the operation of the ductless endocrine glands:Shiatsu pressure can help regulate the operation of these endocrine glands.

Stimulating the normal functioning of the internal organs:Shiatsu pressure helps ensure that the internal organs function works regularly and smoothly.How to give total body Shiatsu,Practicing on the side position!A shiatsu treatment usually begins in the back position for the diagnosis and move to the sitting position. However, if the patient is sick, you may begin with the patient in a reclined position.

In administering total body shiatsu we do not have any definite order or procedure to follow. However, a general rule for beginners who can not clearly diagnose Kyo and Jitsu and the meridian lines, follow the basic idea.After mastering this basic technique, you will be able to modify it according to the condition of the patient and develop your own style.In order to understand the general condition of the patient, four types of diagnosis are employed:

Recommendation on "Metropolis"Foremost among Shiatsu practitioners serving the gaijin community in Tokyo is Mr Susumu Kimura of the Kimura Shiatsu Institute.A spry man whose twinkling eyes and ready smile belie his 27 years in the field, Mr Kimura has the first requirement of healing artist; a calm, benevolent presence.Focusing on the mental and spiritual aspects of well-being, Mr Kimura starts each session with conversation in excellent English to help determine his patients 'needs.

Recommendation on "Tokyo Journal""Before your physical problem, you always have mental or spiritual problems first", says Shiatsu teacher and practitioner Mr Susumu Kimura. That's why he makes it a point to listen carefully to his clients before administering treatment."Just listening to the patient is very important. Mostly, patients have lots of stress inside. While they talk, they can realize their problems. It's like a confession! Who knows - if they could confess everything, maybe all their problems could be cured ", he laughs.

Kimura-sensei's healthy sense of humor creates a comforting atmosphere in his office. Kimura-sensei starts by applying gentle pressure to the stomach area. He moves down, working on the hips.His movements involve taking my leg and bending it gently from side to side, sometimes holding it in one position to stretch tight muscle.My neck and shoulders are high tension areas, and my sole previous (painful) experience with Shiatsu in Japan makes me feel wary. But Kimura-sensei is true to his word: He has a light, but deep touch.

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