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Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island emerged from a spiritual pilgrimage to Sedona, Arizona. In 1996 Carole Provenzale, my mother and founder of Feng Shui Long Island, traveled to Sedona with my brother, Adam and I. This trip marked our introduction to the concept of Feng Shui as well as the power of positive thinking and understanding the connection between the body, mind and spirit. My mother brought us to Sedona based on high recommendations from her friends, as well as her own research that Sedona was one of the world’s leading spiritual regions. The various obstacles that my mother endured in her lifetime helped pave the way to her spiritual growth. She saw this as a great learning tool for all of us, not expecting to hear the message that was given to her.

During our time exploring the Sedona region, we embarked on a Jeep tour with a Native American guide named Deborah Rose, who opened our minds to a separate approach of perceiving life through the Feng Shui doctrine. Deborah taught us about the power of our cognitive system – the basic fundamentals in Feng Shui – and reading the land and sky for messages.

Keeping that message close to her heart, my mother continued along her daily routine. Within a few months while working at a local alternative healing facility in Syosset, New York, Carole started to hear co-workers and patients talk about Feng Shui. Without hesitation, she researched the essence of Feng Shui. The more she dug into Feng Shui architecture, the more she fell in love with its teachings. In 1996, Carole enrolled at the Metropolitan Institute of Design in Syosset, NY under the mentorship of Pamela Laurence. My mother became one of the first Certified Feng Shui Consultants in New York and the United States in 1997.

When I turned 16, my mother introduced me to Feng Shui. She knew Feng Shui would be the perfect tool to help me gain greater insight on how to perceive my adoption from Colombia and keep me centered during my teenage years. Being adopted presented unique life challenges and lessons that had to be learned over time. Feng Shui truly changed my life in the most positive way. Through its teachings, I gained what I refer to as “Feng Shui Eyes.” This enabled me to forecast a solution for every challenge in life. As Feng Shui illustrates with the Yin and Yang, there needs to be dark in order to have light and light in order to have dark. Once you understand this cycle of life, your challenges will bring wisdom rather than fear. That was the gift I gained through Feng Shui.

As time progressed, I began to apprentice with my mother seeing firsthand the miraculous transformations in the lives of her clients. I realized Feng Shui was my calling as well so I continued attending on-site , workshops, lectures and classes with my mother. Eventually I worked my way up to earning my first job in 2001 as a Certified Feng Shui Consultant with Feng Shui Long Island, blessing homes. Given the responsibility of blessing homes as my first official Feng Shui consulting job was a special honor and extremely important. It required me to prepare myself and study meditation, the power of intentions, the practice of ceremonial rituals before and after blessing a home, and learning to read energy by understanding signs presented by the universe. The Black Sect, Tantric Buddhism and Native American blessings are utilized to shift the Chi` of that given space to open up the energy of our clients’ homes along with the given Feng Shui suggestions.

After attending multiple Feng Shui consultations for homes, apartments and businesses with my mother, she finally gave me the green light to practice by myself. In 2000, I established Feng Shui Manhattan and continued accompanying and assisting my mother on her consultations. While studying at SUNY New Paltz, I began Feng Shuing dorm rooms, establishing my name and reputation in the college community of New Paltz, NY. Shortly after, I began branching out more toward my home of Long Island. Now I travel to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, and have expanded my services to the entire Tri-State region along with national and international clients.

Today, I proudly and passionately continue my mother’s work helping others through Feng Shui. Although my mother passed away in 2010, she continues to leave her mark on the many individuals who she inspired. Thank you mom for enlightening us with your spirit’s beauty, love and compassion.

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When you are able to refocus your energy on what matters and adds value to your life that is when deep and profound transformations take place. Your new energy will match that inner vision from the presentation of your home, other surrounding environments and people you interact with on a daily basis. This is when the when the use of key objects, colors, better furniture arrangement and artwork placed mindfully throughout your home are combined with the Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui for healing, also called Feng Shui Ascension, means to become enlightened. The goal of these teachings it to help guide each person to self empowerment and re-connecting with their authentic higher self. No one person is exactly the same, so the time frame in transformation and method of guidance varies from person to person. I share practical and advanced Feng Shui Ascension methods that is part of an assisted healing program for clients to develop true deep and profound changes in their life. Agreeing to this method of healing does require inner strength and will power.

During the process of Ascension one will have to face truths about the environment surrounding them, including other people, and with themselves. You will be given new tools to help you overcome life challenges, gain new insights, new perspectives, creative solutions, learn to be pro-active vs playing the victim, increase your wisdom, positive life experiences and grow as a human and spiritual being.

Blending Feng Shui Ascension with other additional forms of healing as needed can be an extremely powerful and compliment your evolution of self.There are several forms of Feng Shui you can choose from or even blend together. I find blending the different methods of Feng Shui allows for greater ranges of insights, discussion, resolutions, remedies, and perspectives.

My recommendation to you is to research the various methods out there (examples: Black Sect, Western Feng Shui, Compass, Five Elements, Feng Shui Ascension, Intuitive Feng Shui and Form School), listen to your intuition and the one that resonates with you most will simply make sense. When you are ready contact a Feng Shui consultant who practices the method(s) you are interested in to see if he or she is the right consultant for you.

If you wish it to be a one time session it can be. That is usually best for clients who are interested in a one hour assessment. Clients who implemented a Full Feng Shui program I saw benefit tremendously short term and long term because we tested and measured the progress. Having that visual reference and check in sessions with me via phone, text or email will allow simple adjustments as needed.

You will learn how to feel the energy of your higher self, others and become increasingly more observant, and aware of your surroundings. You could also develop an understanding with how to read signs that the Universe provides when helping you to navigate through life and working to achieve your goals. 80% of Feng Shui starts with your thoughts (Inner alchemy/Intentions), 20% is taking action and making physical changes. Before physical changes can truly be experienced, many of us need to work on self awareness healing.

The Feng Shui process is a spiritual, psychological, physical and an emotional journey. Having preferences with no attachment to how your intentions begin to manifest, which is an important factor to keep in mind. If you approach any Feng Shui consultation or healing session with the attitude of wanting to rush the process due to time or budget, I strongly recommend that you wait until you are truly ready. When you feel rushed, so will the consultant and energy coming in to help transform your space. What you put into the process of Feng Shui (life in general) is what you get back. Remember small steps lead to your bigger goals.

Feng Shui can range from practical-complex depending on the various factors that contribute to the Feng Shui process. For anyone stepping into this lifestyle, the only requirements needed from you is to please be open minded and have an open heart to the Feng Shui teachings and perspectives shared during the day of your consult. It’s also very important that you are fully ready to be engaged with the consultation.

If you feel any hesitation or approach scheduling your consultation with a negative attitude or view point at any time, it is probably best for you to respectively postpone and return to scheduling when your truly feel ready. I always suggest Feng Shui enthusiasts to check out the Law of Attraction video or to read the book for that is a easy introduction into the world of metaphysical science.

Setting intentions goes hand and hand with the Feng Shui principles. Intention setting helps provide customized physical remedies for that given environment through the use of colors, textures, furniture arrangement, artwork, objects and elements. The strategic and mindful placement of those physical items are visual cues and motivators based off of the intentions you have set to help continue your personal drive, foucus and aspiration to achieving them. This would be the same understanding when providing mental, emotional and spiritual insights with Feng Shui for healing.

With that said, it’s also important to understand that when you set intentions, know it’s good to have preferences yet try not to be attached to the outcome. How, when, where, who, why, what is unknown during the manifestation process. A common suggestion when writing, speaking or thinking of your intentions could be starting the thought of, “If it’s in my best and highest interest,….” This could help create an open ended conversation with the universe. That saying offers you protection while also saying to the universe, please weed out what is not needed and only manifest what is. Nothing has to be truly direct, unless that is what you personally want; as Taoism Teaches.


Full Feng Shui Consultation,Is the energy in your home, apartment or small business feeling stagnant or stuck? Perhaps you are looking to renovate or re-construct utilizing the principles of Feng Shui? Or maybe you are ready to change your life for the better. Either way, all are great reasons.

Approaching Feng Shui wholeheartedly allows you to be honest with yourself , connect deeper to your surroundings, higher consciousness and learn to listen and follow your intuition to attract positive opportunities. Learn to release that feeling of being overwhelmed by creating a unique plan of action for your life. During your on site consultation I will guide you through the Feng Shui developmental stages step by step pointing out every detail and continue to offer coaching as needed.

Feng Shui Assessment,This is a great option for those looking for fast Feng Shui insights and suggestions. An assessment can compliment you when in need of guidance about furniture placement, color and artwork selection along with other key recommendations as needed. Learn how to create a warm and inviting space by incorporating simple Feng Shui remedies the very same day.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese, India, Native American and Tibetan practice dating back around 6,000 years. There are about several methods in practice and new ones evolving to meet the needs of today. You will see many of the principles coinciding with other cultural practices ranging from South America, to the Middle East and even Europe.

Feng Shui is not “interior design,” it is first and foremost a metaphysical science that taps into the conscious and sub-continuous sections of your mind, emotions, body and spirit which provide an opening to experience deep and profound connections with yourself, others, your surroundings and the universe.

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