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CosmaZone: Best Place for Cosmetic Treatment Cosma Zone is ISO/- 2008 Certified Laser Cosmetic Centre.Cosma Zone - the Skin health Spa is just not a beauty clinic but beyond it. Cosma Zone offers both aesthetic and medical treatment under one roof offering a balance between progressive medicine and advanced laser technology to give you maximum benefit. Cosma Zone provide you solutions for pigmented skin, Acne scar, unwanted hairs, pimples, under eye dark circles and birthmarks. We are also having a Cosma Zone skin customized plan for over weight.
Our Experts in skin, laser and hair transplantation works in bringing out the best in you, let the expert make you blush throughout your life.For any Skin Cosmetic or laser Therapy, Consultation is given by American board certified Aesthetician.Cosmo Zone is among the few centers in the World having facility of AUTOMATED HAIR TRANSPLANTATION (F.U.E. technique). It has significant advantages over other transplantation techniques.
Follicular unit hair transplant-ONLY FUE & BHT, nostrip excision, no sutures, no knife, no traumatic surgery. A highly skilled &minimum invasive procedure from beginning to end performed only by the doctors.Individual follicles are extracted from donor area & transplanted in the bald area micro surgically. It takes year of uncompromising dedication to achieve the skill level and experience required to perform this surgery to the strict specification of Dr.saxana’s technique. Dr.saxana has modified FUE in such a way that follicular units are not kept out side the body for longer time & are immediately transplanted resulting in lower resting phase. Many of the roots start growing immediately after transplantation.

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At Cosmazone Gwalior ,you get a perfect combo of Hair transplant with joy of medical tourism.
The historical city of Gwalior unveils a legacy that remains unparalleled in the pages of history. Home to architectural marvels like Scindia Museum, Gujari Mahal and Gwalior Fort,everything about Gwalior is steeped in history. Being the land of Tomars and Scindias, much of the history of this place is dominated by the chronicles of the regal dynasties.

Admired for its outstanding temples, beautiful palaces and glorious past, the city is truly a treasure trove of regal splendor. The massive Gwalior fort, which is popularly described as the ‘pearl in the necklace of the castles of Hind’, elaborates the grandeur of the city.

More importantly Neighbouring(1and half hour journey) Agra,Known for among the worlds wonder TAJ MAHAL.Khajuraho temples rich heritage of Indian art culture and monuments.
All this can be easily gives you a memorable trip.Our executive will help you for better planning and staying arrangement and good hotels etc.Best time to visit Gwalior is between August to February.How to reach Gwalior – Close to Delhi just 330 km,s by road and train Shatabdi exp. Connection.


Automated (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair transplantation AUTOLOGOUS TRANSPLANT - A SIMPLE PRINCIPLE .This technique transplants samples of hair genetically programmed not to fall from a donor site (generally the back of the head) to the balding recipient site (generally the areas around the temples and the top of the head).

There the transplants retain permanently the growth characterstics that they had at the donor site. Since the donor and the recipient are the same person, there is no risk of rejection. The process is thus just a straightforward hair redistribution. The doctor will have a short-and long-term operating strategy designed to optimize the transplant as far as possible, based on the condition of the hair and the age of the transplant patient.

THE F.U.E TECHNIQUE - FOLLICULAR-UNIT EXTRACTION,Over the last few years, the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (F.U.E.), or follicular-unit transplant (a follicular unit is a set of between 1 and 4 live hairs) has been adopted by increasing numbers of hair transplant specialists, since the hair density it produces is completely natural and in keeping with the rest of the hair.

Above all, it has significant advantages over other transplantation techniques : no stitches, no scarring, no risk of infection or complications, and little if any post-operative pain. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the operation.

The french company medicamat, in collaboration with leading international specialists in hair transplant, has developed and patented a new piece of medical equipment, the punch hair Matic, based on an electrically-controlled flow of compressed air. This retains all the advantages of the F.U.E technique as practised manually, but removes its two main disadvantages for both the patient and the practitioner.

The automated Punch Hair Matic helps the practitioner optimize the quality and speed of his movements during the two most important stages in the micro-transplant : When taking micro-grafts. The practitioner uses a circular scalpel with a diameter of between 0.8 and 1.4 mm, the value selected based on various criteria such as the patient's age, skin type and hair quality in the donor area, etc. When the grafts are being re-implanted in the recipient area.

Roughly 1,000 to 3,000 hairs Can be transplanted in 1 session,During the operation, you will be lying down comforably and may talk to the practitioner, listen to music, read or even watch a film. It is not a stressful operation. Lastly, do not be too impatient. As with any hair transplant procedure, the final apperance is only truly successful aesthetically after 5 or 6 months.

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