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Zhi Dao Guan – is translated as “The View, Vision, or Perspective of the Ultimate/Supreme Path” – (GUAN: a view of; ZHI: Ultimate/Supreme; and DAO: Path or The Way). The name was coined by Grand Master Wei Ren Feng and today Zhi Dao Guan is the culmination of a life-long practice of Master Dr. Alex Feng (Feng Er Chuan).

Zhi Daoism was founded by Dr. Wei Ren Feng in China as Grand Master Feng formalized the teachings of his family’s multiple generations of Daoist scholars, priests and practitioners. Grand Master Feng was educated in China and received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Germany during the Second World War. He returned to China with his wife, Elizabeth, and Master Alex Feng was born in Guangzhou (Canton), China.

During the Cultural Revolution in China, the Feng family relocated to Taiwan where Master Feng was raised. They immigrated to the United States in 1963. Grand Master Feng continued to develop his philosophy of Zhi Daoism and often taught at various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Grand Master Feng always kept a small notebook with him in which he jotted his musings, observations, and insights. These are written in Chinese, German and English and continue to inform the development of Zhi Daoism through Master Feng’s translations. Upon Grandmaster Feng’s death in 1988, Master Alex Feng, who was ordained as a Daoist priest in 1972, became the lineage holder of Zhi Daoism.

Master Feng built his martial arts institute and his medical practice on a foundation of Zhi Daosim. He created Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center, that opened in 2002, to fully actualize the Daoist principles of the integration of the spiritual, medical/healing, and physical aspects for a healthy life. The Center houses Dr. Feng’s Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Tao Kuan The Martial Arts Institute, and the Zhi Dao Temple.

Zhi Dao Guan is the umbrella organization for the three pillars of Zhi Daosim: Healing – the Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine founded by Dr. Alex Feng in 1976 when acupuncture was first legalized in California; Physical/Martial – Wu Tao Kuan Martial Arts Institute , the martial arts school founded by Dr. Alex Feng in 1973; and Spiritual – Zhi Dao – the Temple formalized with the opening of the Taoist Center in 2002.

Zhi Dao Guan is the first major center devoted entirely to the Taoist arts in the San Francisco Bay Area. The incorporation of the three pillars honors the commitment of Daosim to cultivate the jing, qi and shen – life essence, energy and spirit. Located in an urban area, Zhi Dao Guan’s focus is to bring Daoism to every person who is receptive to the teachings and to disseminate the love for humanity inculcated by the teachings of Grand Master Feng.

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Wu-style Taijiquan centers on 108 fundamental movements, a discipline that rejuvenates physically, mentally, and spiritually. As we refine the form, we learn how to channel energy and cultivate health and wellness.

Circulating blood and Qi can alleviate both psychological and physical stagnation, strengthen the immune system and enhance overall well-being. Research has also shown that contemplative practices reduce stress and anxiety while increasing clarity, self-esteem and short and long term memory.

Class begins with a warm-up designed to open and relax the joints and Qigong exercises that coordinate breath, movement and intention. Depending on the focus on the class we will work on Taiji walking, stance training, kicks or two-person exercises. We then move into form practice. Class generally ends with a short meditation. Classes are 75 minutes in length.


Qi Gong is one of the four pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, and Qi Gong exercises. Qigong is a unique Chinese exercise system that uses breath, mind and movement to enhance health and vitality and stress release. Through individual effort, practitioners build up their health and prevent illness by combining discipline of mind, body and the body’s “Qi” (vital force).

“Qi” or “Chi” means energy. Gong is translated as work or cultivation. Therefore Qi Gong refers to the exercise of one’s internal energy. The practical components of healing and stress management are the most effective aspects of the tradition in Qi Gong practice. Qi gong enhances the natural healing resources and the spontaneous balancing in the human body.

The practice of Qi Gong brings the following benefits:Improves Health,Increases Energy, Agility and Flexibility,Rejuvenates Body, Mind and Spirit,Improves Concentration, cognitive and Intuitive abilities,Reduces Stress,Improves blood and Qi Circulation,Regulates Moods and Emotions,It is easy to learn and can be practiced in any setting at any time.

Dr. Feng has created a unique offering of The Dance of The Animals or the Five Animal Frolic Qi Gong.The famous Chinese physician Hua Tuo created the “Five Animal Form” in the second century A.D. The form mimics the movements of the tiger, bear, deer, monkey, and bird to facilitate the cultivation of Qi and spirit by the practitioners.

Five Animal Play Qi GongThe “Five Animal Play” focuses on the training of internal Qi. It combines the soft and hard interpretation of movements with the focus of guiding Qi flow in the body. As an internal form, there are also martial art implications. The five animal forms incorporate many fluid and beautiful active movements; therefore, it is often referred to as the practice of the dance of the five animals.

Animal Qi Gong is the oldest form of Qi Gong. “Bear moving” and “Bird stretching” are clearly documented as regular exercises for Chinese people who lived 2300 years ago. Five Animal Play Qi Gong belongs to the unique category of Medical Qi Gong designed by Hua Tuo, a medical practitioner in the second century A.D.

Hua Tuo, an extraordinary healer, taught that through imitating the movement of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and crane, the Five Animal Qi Gong brings us back to our free human nature. Symbolically, the animals are related to the five elements, colors, sounds, seasons, internal organs, sensory organs and emotions. It is an integrative, comprehensive practice that promotes health, vibrancy and longevity.

The Hua Tuo system of Five Animals is practiced through simple forms of movements, meditation and spontaneous play of the animals. Internally the practice opens the Qi channels and cultivates Jing, Qi, Shen (essence, vital energy, and spirit). Externally it improves the function of bones, joints, tendons, muscles, circulation, hair and skin.

Dr. Alex Feng, a lineage holder of the Zhi Dao tradition, is one of the few masters who can tap into the secrets that are revealed through this magical, rare animal form. An accomplished Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Feng has developed an approach to teaching Five Animal Play Qi Gong that enables the practitioner to understand the inner workings of the medical principles and the Daoist alchemy at play with this unique form of Qi Gong exercise and meditation.
With the guidance of Dr. Feng, the essence of the five animals will become alive in you – the energy of these animals will soar through your being, your channels, your body. Dr. Feng is able through these teachings to evoke your innate animal instinct and beauty… bringing vitality and rejuvenation. The forms are taught with medical and spiritual applications that were formerly unavailable to the English-speaking world. Although others may teach the choreography of the Five Animals, movements without the depth of understanding that Dr. Feng can impart are meaningless.

Dr. Feng collaborated with the eminent Professor Wang Pei Kun and Professor Zeng of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Culture to authenticate this rigorous and comprehensive Five Animal Play Qi Gong curriculum. This series of classes integrate physical movement, medical, spiritual and shamanic aspects of a holistic healing process. The student will learn to be in touch with the energetic vibrational, spiritual and shamanic expressions of Kundalini.

No pre registration required – just drop in any Saturday to begin study. Take this opportunity to awaken your inner animal spirit!This class is an opportunity to learn a rare form of Medical Qigong with an accomplished Master Saturdays at 8 a.m. at Zhi Dao Guan Tuition: $85/month or $25/class

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