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The Centre of Health Sydney was founded in May 2001. Situated in Five Dock in the heart of Sydney's busy inner west, it has been established to provide a range of natural health care services and products for the public. The Centre has a tranquil, relaxed atmosphere and consultations are available by appointment six days a week. Free two-hour parking is available in the adjacent shopping centre.

We are committed to natural, holistic health care and are mindful of the need to be well integrated in the overall health care system. We regularly refer our patients and clients to general practitioners and for specialist medical services. In addition, we welcome referrals from doctors and other health service providers. These include counselors, speech pathologists and occupational therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, optometrists, podiatrists and radiologists. Our intention is to integrate the services provided at The Centre with the overall health care system.Our practitioners are registered with private health insurance funds.

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Specialising in homeopathy, the Centre of Health Sydney provides a range of natural homeopathic remedies and tissue salts from ‘Aconite to Zincum’. We utilise decimal, centesimal and fifty millesimal potencies and dispense tablets and liquid preparations. We also supply quality homeopathic creams for bruising, skin conditions, burns and arthritic pain. We always source the finest products within Australia as well as those from New Zealand, India, Holland and the UK.

We supply high quality homeopathic first aid kits supplied by Simillimum Pharmacy in New Zealand. These are available in beautiful leather bound pouches, perfect for a handbag or glovebox. They come with an easy to use manual. Excellent for a range of conditions from coughs and colds to bruises, stings and sleeplessness.

David Levy also distributes homeopathic computer software (ISIS, Akiva and Cara) from Miccant (developed in the United Kingdom). Visit for product details and then why not email David Levy for a list of current prices and further details. If you already use a homeopathic software product but are considering moving to ISIS Vision, a very competitive upgrade price will be offered.

Naturopathy deals with a range of issues including anxiety and stress, boosting wellbeing, digestive and bowel disorders, immune system support, increasing energy levels, individual nutritional planning, inflammation and joint problems, metabolic disorders, preventative health care, skin conditions, toxicity buildup, weight concerns and many more health problems.
Naturopathy is great for all ages, from infants to great-grandparents. Naturopathic treatment can compliment any conventional treatment you may be undertaking, always keeping your needs as the focus. We are happy to work in conjunction with other practitioners to give you the best healthcare possible.

PRACTITIONER PROFILE - Sophie Gleitzman,Sophie Gleitzman naturopathy practitioner,Naturopath. Herbalist. Nutritionist.Sophie Gleitzman is a Naturopath who works in the inner west of Sydney and practices from the Centre of Health.Sophie specialises in using natural medicines to help restore balance to your body, whilst acting to improve health in specific areas such as immune function, hormonal balance, stress and nervous system support and gastrointestinal function.

Sophie is passionate about exploring the complex nature of health. An initial consultation will usually last around 90 minutes, to allow time to explore the individual nature of your health concerns, your health history and other factors that impact your health such as your diet and lifestyle.After your consultation Sophie will discuss a variety of treatment options with you. This may include an individualised herbal formula, nutritional medicines, dietary changes, flower essences or lifestyle interventions to offer a wholistic approach to your wellbeing.

Sophie is available to support patients of any age through a range of health concerns, with a special interest in digestive complaints, skin conditions, female health and hormonal balance, stress-related disorders and emotional wellbeing.I take each person as an individual and that forms the basis for treatment. What excites me is the opportunity to empower patients with understanding about their own bodies and the changes they can make to feel great.”

From a background in communications and a career in the high-pressure world of the film and television industry, Sophie took a sideways leap into complementary healthcare gaining formal qualifications including a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Sophie was the top Naturopath in her graduating class from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies.Sophie grew up enjoying the best of both conventional and complementary medicine, thanks to her Mother who completed some alternative medicine training of her own whilst Sophie was in utero. This early interest has led to a deep commitment to the values of complementary healthcare, which puts the individual needs of the patient first.


Homeopathy works with your body, stimulating natural healing processes. It is a safe system of medicine, suitable for almost any illness or imbalance. It is effective because it treats you as an individual.Two people with the same disease may have very different symptoms. One person with a fever may be hot and thirsty, while another may be chilly and sweaty; one will feel apathetic, another will be restless or irritable. These individual physical and psychological reactions indicate the medicine that best suits your condition at the time.

Homeopathic medicines can enhance your general health and mental well being, while at the same time reducing your susceptibility to future ill health. Even small imbalances can be corrected before they develop into serious symptoms.

Given the holistic nature of Homeopathy, emotional and behavioral disorders can also be treated successfully where many other methods may have failed.Homeopathy is based on the idea that what can cause can also cure. A dose of a substance causes certain symptoms when given to a healthy person. When the same substance, prepared in a minute dose, is given to someone suffering similar symptoms it becomes curative.

We all know cutting raw onions can make our eyes water.When prepared as a Homeopathic remedy it can be used to treat hayfever.Too much coffee has been the cause of many sleepless nights.In minute doses it can treat insomnia.Eating the herb Arnica Montana can cause internal bleeding.In minute doses it is used to treat bruises and the effects of injuries.Cantharis, the Spanish fly, if used as an aphrodisiac has unpleasant side effects.Infinitesimal doses can treat many urogenital problems.

Homeopathy is like a landscape painting. The disease being treated is the main feature but it is the background which gives that feature its true significance.The initial consultation may take an hour so the overall picture of your condition can be drawn. As well as the precise details of your complaint, where it is relevant this may also involve your family history, your reactions to food, weather and temperature, and your emotional and mental state being considered. Follow up consultations are generally shorter.

Homeopathic remedies are made from minerals, salts, plants and some animal products. Each one has a known pattern of action. The homoeopath seeks a similarity between the pattern of a medicine and your individual picture to select your remedy. Remedies are taken as simple globules which are placed under the tongue until they have dissolved, or as liquid drops.

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Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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