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Zamorin - The title of the Raja of Calicut, Kerala. The Zamorin family is famed for their mastery over traditional values, bravery, propagation of Ayurveda, folk art and culture.The Zamorin's Health Retreat is located in a lush green countryside in central Kerala - India, with its coconut and aracanut plantations, herbal and vegetable gardens, spotted with traditional bathing and fishing ponds offering exclusivity, tranquility and solitude.

Shrimati M. Lakshmi Amma :Our guiding light ! A great proponent of Indian customs and traditions , Amma is the wife of the Late. P Ramchandran Nair, daughter of PK Ravi Varma Raja and daughter-in-law of KC Mana Vikraman Raja, DC, the Zamorin (king) of Calicut. Amma and her children work together as a strong family team to ensure your stay will be a memorable one.

Our expert panel of doctors have cultivated envious reputation amongst all the well known institutions and people across the world for treatment of a variety of chronic ailments but not limited to, psoriasis, arthritis, Asthma, cancer, Paralysis, infertility, seasonal allergies etc.General health issues like Obesity, Sinusitis, migraine like ailments etc., traditional ayurvedic stress reduction and relaxation, Rejuvenation, skin care, ayurvrdic detoxification of body.

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Additional Information

Panchakarma is the ancient system of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation therapy designed to facilitate the removal of deep-rooted stress and toxins (vitiated doshas) in the physiology.Ayurveda recommends the cleansing of the body toxins in order to maintain well being in healthy individuals or to restore balance in those experiencing illness.

Homeopathy : Used worldwide by over 500 million people, is based upon the "law of similars"-that is, illnesses are treated with substances which, in their natural state, are capable of producing symptoms of the illness, yet develop the power to cure those same symptoms when homeopathically prepared into their extremely dilute counterparts.

For the period of stay with us, you will be in an Ayurvedic balanced environment, away from your busy life with its patterns, stresses and responsibilities. You will begin the day with a nature walk amongst rich green Kerala countryside, followed by Yoga and meditation under expert supervision.

A Panchakarma treatment with appropriate diet, internal medicines and exercise will result in a dramatic reduction in stress and increase in energy, as well as a reduction in 6 to 8 kg weight loss, improved flexibility, reduction in aches and pain, increased vitality and a noticeable increase in mental clarity and enthusiasm for life.


Allopathy : Allopathy treats a disease with drugs having opposite effects to existing symptoms, each successive discovery and development in Allopathy, is the result of extensive research.Therapeutic yoga : Yoga can be a means of achieving a sense of mental and physical well being, and is also effective in the treatment of a variety of conditions ranging from stress and high blood pressure to tendonitis and muscle strain.

Meditation : Meditation is considered a form of mental therapy. It can be used to help in the management of stress,chronic pain etc.Pranic healing : Pranic healing is based on the techniques on how to gather and be empowered by the energies of nature (air, sun ground, water, trees) It is the latest in energy healing.

You will be nurtured everyday with Panchakarma tailored to your particular needs as determined by our doctors. These will include hot oil massages, herbal bolus applications, steam treatments, herbalised baths, shirodhara etc. Additional treatments such as Kati vasti, localized dhara, pouring of hot oil (pizhichil), vamanam, vasti and a variety of other procedures may be administered as appropriate for your specific health status, body constitution and medical condition.Simple and nutritious ayurvedic vegetarian meals will be served as is indicated for specific detoxification treatment.

Naturopathy is an eclectic compilation of doctrines and practices of natural healing, as well as a way of life, and a concept of employing various practical holistic means of preventing and treating human imbalance and suffering. The capacity of the body-mind to heal itself is the central tenet of Naturopathy.

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Treatments For:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Back Pain
  • Impotence
  • Migraine
  • Obesity
  • Pain
  • Parkinson Disease
  • Peptic Ulcer
  • Rheumatism

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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