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Homeopathic Remedies in Common Use

Kalium phosphoricum

Kali phos.; potassium phosphate, phosphate of potash

This remedy is one of the SCHUSSLER TISSUE SALTS (See Glossary), and it is obtained from chemical reaction between dilute phosphoric acid and solution of potassium carbonate. Potassium carbonate is derived from potash, the white powder that is left when wood is burnt completely. Potassium is an essential element in the body, vital for the healthy functioning of nerve tissue. Kali phos. is used to treat mental and physical exhaustion and depression, particularly in young persons in whom it may have been caused by too much work or studying. Accompanying symptoms include jumping at noise or interruption and a desire to be alone.

Also, there may be a pus-containing discharge from the bladder, vagina, bowels or lungs and extreme muscular fatigue. They may suffer from gnawing hunger pains, anxiety, insomnia, tremor and have a tendency to perspire on the face when excited or after a meal. People who are suitable for Kali phos. are usually extrovert, hold clearly formed ideas and are easily exhausted.

They become distressed by bad news, including that which does not affect them directly, such as a disaster in another country. They tend to crave sweet foods and dislike bread. Symptoms are made worse by any anxiety, in cold, dry weather and in winter and on drinking cold drinks. Also, they are exacerbated by noise, conversation, touch and physical activity. Symptoms improve with heat, gentle exercise, in cloudy conditions and after eating.